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Hair Colorist, Hair Coloring
Hair Colorist, Hair Coloring
Hair Colorist, Hair Coloring

Top Hair Color Expert NYC | Beth Minardi

Looking for the best hair salons in NYC? Obtain your best hair color when you meet our favorite hair color expert in New York City. Beth Minardi is among the top hair color experts in New York City, specializing in all phases of creative and corrective color, including gray coverage. Working at Studio B, one of the best hair salons in NYC, Beth tends to a variety of well-known personalities and celebrities. She ensures that their tresses remain "color perfect" every single day!

Beth Minardi at the Best Hair Salons in NYC

Whether you dream of being that perfect blonde, brunette, or a redhead, or if you want to enhance the natural silver tones in your hair, Beth invites you to experience the best in hair color NYC. Schedule your appointment with Beth at Studio B, one of the best hair salons in NYC. One advantage of having Beth as your hair color expert is her formidable knowledge of color. With more than 30 years' experience, Beth is a former Director of Education at a major haircolor manufacturer. She knows how to select and achieve the shade that will perfectly enhance your individual palette and personality. She specializes in multi-dimensional haircolor and in highlighting a multitude of complimentary tones throughout the hair. This creates a color result Beth refers to as being 'better than natural".

From tending to her salon clients, formulating shades in the color laboratory and to teaching hair coloring to thousands of salon professionals nationwide, Beth has developed her skills as atop hair color expert and is known for being one of the best in the business. She is a recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award in Hair Color as well as the Beauty Icon Award and was voted Hair Colorist of the Year, 2013. She has become known as "The High Priestess of Haircoloring".

Healthy, Shiny Hair: The Hair Color You Want

As an iconic haircolorist, Beth respects the health, strength, and condition of your hair. She treats hair as if it were a luxury fiber. A complete hair color consultation is provided prior to any coloring service to properly access your desires, skin and eye color, natural color tones, percentage of grey, and lifestyle. Beth's bespoke approach to color led to the development of her own exclusive brand of coloring products, BETH MINARDI SIGNATURE SHADES. Today, Beth Minardi Color is a professional brand that is widely enjoyed by thousands of color-oriented beauty salons across America.

Begin Your Journey for the Best Hair Color

Prices with hair color expert in NYC, Beth Minardi's services begin at $285 and include application of Beth's luxury color care shampoo and conditioner. People from throughout the US, Europe and South America schedule with Beth on a regular basis. The Studio B team of stylists work with Beth offering beautiful cuts and styling. Should you not be able to travel to the New York area, you can find colorists who have successfully completed Beth's intensive advanced color education programs. To find a hair color expert in your area, visit the Minardi Color™ Website for more information.

Contact Beth Minardi our hair color expert NYC, for more information about her hair coloring services at the best hair salons in NYC.

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Hair Color Expert NYC

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Best hair salons in nyc

Best hair salons in nyc

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Beth schedules appointments starting at 11:00am on the following days:

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Additional appointment times available upon request.

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