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Hair Colorist, Hair Coloring
Hair Colorist, Hair Coloring
Hair Colorist, Hair Coloring

Service Menu, Featuring Gray Coverage & More

Beth Minardi Hair Color NYC

Retouch of Existing Color with Conditioning Glaze $285.00
Gray Coverage $285.00
Color Change from $300.00
Highlighting from $395.00
Dimensional Highlighting and Lowlighting from $400.00
Corrective Haircoloring from $395.00
Men's Grey Blending or Coverage (Short Hair) $125
Men's Highlights or Lowlights (Dimensional Color) $285
Men's "Correction" of "Color Gone Wrong" $300 and up


Best Men & Women's Hair Colorist in NYC

For over 20 years, Beth has been providing hair color services and gray coverage for men and women.  In the last decade especially, there has been an increase in demand by men for the best professional hair color services and gray coverage. Beth has worked with a variety of male clients, from leading businessmen to film stars. Beth has found that the common link between them is the need for a very low maintenance style and color, with a natural look.

There used to be a negative connotation attached to men spending time at a salon.  Luckily, that stigma has faded significantly and Beth is seeing an increase in male clientele looking for outstanding hair color NYC.

Both men and women in this city are on the go, and lead hectic lives with full schedules.  Spending hours in a stylist’s chair isn’t generally something one can do more than once a month.  You need the best professional hair color that will keep up with you and last as long as possible. Beth uses the highest quality products on your hair and knows you will leave her chair with an amazingly fresh look that you adore.

Beth has an innate understanding of the challenges presented when coloring gray hair. Not all gray hair is the same, therefore not all gray coverage tactics can be either. Strands of hair without pigment tend to be coarser and need a different coloring approach than pigmented hair.

Regardless of the amount of gray in your hair, or the presence of any at all, Beth Minardi’s color expertise has earned her several prestigious awards and place among the most respected colorists in the industry. Her services range from a simple retouching of existing color, to dimensional highlighting and lowlighting, to complete color changes when you feel like updating your look completely. Beth has also developed her own line of hair care products to ensure a long lasting and beautiful color that protects your hair and its color against the many challenges, like UV rays and product build-up.

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